$9,000 CASH HOUSE ($150K Value) Renovation Day 1

Renovation Day 1 Tour of the new house!
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If you enjoy seeing hard work, something run down becoming new again, persistence, DIY to the max or anything home-related, subscribe and follow this series. In this video, I give a relaxed tour of the next renovation project…….only one day after finishing the last house (seen here- https://youtu.be/zBCbbXlVOhs) I paid $8500 plus closing costs which put this house between $9000 and $9500 total…..$9000 rolls off the tongue easier. I expect to spend around $10k on repairs, having less than $20k invested. The house would then rent for $700- $800….maybe more or could be sold for around $150,000…….How did I get such a good deal, read my book for tips on buying cheap houses with cash.

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